Robins Air Force Base Address
Robins AFB GA, 31098

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Robins AFB, Georgia


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Robins Air Force Base

The Robins AFB is located in Houston County of Georgia, and having a total of 3,949 people working on base, Robins is an American Air Force Base with a total area of 7.1 km2. It was built in 1941 and since then it has served both as training facility for logistics military recruits in World War II and as helping base for the Korean and Vietnamese war. It is the namesake for Brigadier General Augustine Warner Robins, a very militarily-skillful man. It is home to the 78th Air Base Wing, which has an abstract logo, also the logo of the base and a motto, claiming "Above the foe".

What is important about the Robins Air Force base is that its primary mission is to heavily help the USAF logistics, by training skilled people, so there is also an Educational Center and a Research Institute on base. However, attractions near the base are few, and, apart from those in Macon, a near-by city, there are none. The 78th Air Base Wing is led by Colonel Theresa Carter and it specializes in F-15 flights and "sonic booms". It is obvious that the base's aircraft is mostly F-15s and F-35s. The housing facilities are very good, if you are thinking about joining the Robins team and you can also rest assured that your training will be done properly.

Moreover, Robins receives a lot of press, on different occasions such as the helping-humanitarian actions and because they are involved in a series of active missions, of which they have decided to keep quiet. All they said in their recent press conferences is that "everything is done with a maximum of care and protection to serve the USA".